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6 Types of Car Window Tint: Pros and Cons 

6 Types of Car Window Tint: Pros and Cons 

With all the benefits of car window tinting you can delight with, it is expected that most car owners prefer having the extra layer in their windows. Aside from the desirable privacy it provides, it also boosts security, protects the car from damaging sunrays and makes the vehicle look more attractive. 

Window Tint

If you are a car owner that is currently looking for a car tint that will be a perfect fit to your preferences, here are the pros and cons to consider before choosing what type of tint you should be avail. 


This is the film that has a layer sandwiched between the outer protective layer and the adhesive. The darkest effect it can give doesn’t have to break the bank. It can prevent 5 to 50 percent of UV light from penetrating your car windows. 


  • Can reduce sun blaze 
  • Non-reflective 
  • Cheap 
  • Has a dark pigment 


  • Layers are prone to divide over time 
  • When constantly exposed to sunlight, the color can fade over time 
  • Not as effective in blocking heat 


This type of film has a chemically-treated inner layer between the outer protective layer and inner adhesive layer plus a metallic layer on the other side. These layers block out UV lights, reflect heat radiation and darken the window. The metallic film also has protective coat that is scratch proof. If installed by a reliable window tinting company, it can block about 60 to 90 percent of UV light. 


  • Blocks glare and reflects heat 
  • Long lasting 
  • Not prone to fading over time 
  • Effective in blocking UV rays 


  • Expensive 
  • Shiny appearance 
  • The metal layer isn’t always friendly to your phone, GPS, radio reception and other gadgets 


This is the combination of dyed and metallic sans their weaknesses. It is composed of adhesive, dyed and metabolized layers with protective top coat. All of these layers are fused by a laminating adhesive.It can block up to 50 percent of light. 


  • Excellent glare reduction 
  • Not as reflective as the metallized layer 
  • Long lasting, due to the metallized layer 
  • Radio signals and Mobile Friendly 
  • More affordable than the metallic film  
  • Fading is less noticeable 
  • More affordable than metallized film 
  • Can block glare, UV rays, and heat 


  • Expensive 


Ceramic film is composed of adhesive layer, thin ceramic layer and protective top coat to prevent scratches. It can block 50 to 70 percent of UV light, up to 70 percent of solar heat and up to 97 percent of infrared heat. 


  • Non-reflective 
  • Radio signal friendly 
  • Doesn’t fade like dyed film 
  • Blocks UV rays and glare 


  • Very expensive 


People who are conscious with the aesthetics of their car will love this. The matte finish of Carbon films looks classy and appealing. It is perfect for hitting the road with style. The carbon film is also shatter proof and who doesn’t like that? It can deflect 99 percent of UV lights and 50-70 percent of infrared heat. 


  • Cool and Stylish 
  • Conserve cool temperature well 
  • It can block out 40% of light.  
  • “True Black” appearance 
  • Fade resistant 
  • Shatter proof 


  • Very expensive 


Crystalline films blocks ultraviolet rays and solar heat with its clear design. This is perfect for those who don’t like to change their car’s appearance without sacrificing the heat-blocking feature. 

While it can allow 70 percent of light inside your car, it can still deflect up to 60 percent of the heat penetrating your windows and block up to 97 percent of infrared light. 


  • No fading films to replace 
  • Visibility 
  • Cheap 
  • Long Lasting 
  • No modifying of your car’s appearance 


  • Less privacy and security 
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Why is Red Maeng da different? 

Red Maeng Da is one of the best strains since it offers a lot of benefits and effects to people.  – 

Benefits of Red Maeng Da  

    • Good for Pain relief for muscle and joint pains and strain 
    • Boost your energy 
    • Relaxing 
    • Anti-Stress 
    • Improves your mood 
    • Anti-depressant 
    • Anti-anxiety 
    • Euphoric Feeling 


Checklist for people who wants to use kratom 

    • Check your medical background 
    • Check your body weight 
    • You must be 18 and above 
    • Overweight is not allowed 
    • Not advised for elderly 

 Red Maeng da Vs Other Kratom Strains 

What is Red Maeng Da? Red maeng da is one of the many types of a kratom strain it contains one of the highest and strongest alkaloid contents. That is why this is considered as one of the strongest strains of kratom compared from the rest the effect also is much longer that is why red maeng da for years now has been the most popular and most used strain of kratom. That is why people are most eager to try it. Same as other kratoms the red maeng da can also be found in a capsule and powder form. And as survey says user prefer it more in a capsulized form. Red maeng da has unique alkaloids it has a medium amount of pantetheines and 7- hydroxymitragynine. That is why red maeng da is chosen by people for it has so many effects and provides different kinds of experience to people depend on how their body cope to this substance. Red Maeng Da Kratom has the most medicinal benefits.  

Red Maeng da has a lot of benefits to offer as the things mentioned above but we always need to take in mind that taking too much of something is not good. Our bodies are not the same this kind of strain has different effects on our body. We only need to make sure that we take them responsibly. We always need to take the right amount of dosage. That is why if your new to this kind of medicine getting it in a capsule form would be the best thing to do since for capsules it is already measured to satisfy your needs and if ever we want to achieve the benefits of the red maeng da in a powder form the most prescribe dosage is 2 to 4 grams and 3.4 grams for people who wants to have a euphoric feeling.  

Kratom has been used in South East Asian countries became popular because of its healing benefits that can cure diseases and even provides relief to other health. It is Natural compare to just standard medicines. We need to make sure that even this is one kind of a herbal treatment we still need to take it moderately since it has strong effects to our body. We always need to make sure to check for reviews and guides on how to take this medicine depending on how we feel.  taking it too much might cause negaive effect to us. 



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